Agribusiness initiative

Whitley EDC Agribusiness Initiative

Indiana’s natural environment and commitment to industry support make it an ideal location for agricultural business opportunities. The focus of the Whitley EDC Agribusiness Initiative is to foster opportunities in the agribusiness industry.

Agriculture has always been a vital industry in Whitley County. The technology opportunities and relation to other industries make Whitley County a strategic location for great success.

Whitley County is deeply rooted in Indiana’s agricultural portfolio. With more than 180,000 acres assessed as agricultural Whitley County is a leading producer of corn, soybeans, hogs, and cattle. 

More than 16 percent of Indiana’s workforce is connected to agriculture and food and forestry, which adds $25 billion to the state economy each year. 

Indiana actively promotes the use of biofuels, including ethanol and blended biofuels, derived from corn and soybeans. The state adopted a comprehensive clean energy production incentive package to encourage advanced agricultural investment in Indiana. Aquaculture is also a growing part of Indiana’s agricultural economy with estimated farm sales of over $15 million. Indiana’s industry includes the production of some major food fish and shellfish including: yellow perch, hybrid striped bass, tilapia, trout, marine shrimp and freshwater prawns

In March 2022, the Indiana Small Business Development Center launched an agribusiness initiative to support farmers, producers, processors, and manufactuers. Whitley EDC will use these materials for small-business coaching with Scot G., our Indiana Small Business representative. 

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Whitley County Hosts More Than Ten Indiana Grown Businesses! 

Indiana Grown creates connections between farmers and consumers by promoting all forms of agriculture that are packaged, raised, processed, and grown within the state of Indiana. Check out these well-known Whitely County agribusinesses and entrepreneurs.