Whitley County and a majority of our communities have a Redevelopment Commission, which helps promote and implement opportunities to develop areas that have been designated, typically by the Tax Increment Finance (TIF) districts. 

  • Columbia City Redevelopment Commission
  • South Whitley Redevelopment Commission
  • Whitley County Redevelopment Commission, which also hosts Larwill’s Redevelopment 

Each commission works to promote economic development growth in the Redevelopment Area, which is the community’s Tax Increment Finance (TIF) District, by providing improvements that encourage greater private development in the outlined area. The commissions coordinate improvements and incentives to adequately provide for new commercial, industrial and residential development in the defined area. 

Initiatives Supported by the Redevelopment Commissions 

  • Facade Improvement Matching Grant Program 
  • Revolving Loan Funds 
  • Training Grants 
  • Columbia City Connect — Columbia City’s Main Street Association

*some programming may vary, contact the Whitley EDC to learn more and to connect with the appropriate personnel.