Local Incentives

Whitley County offers incentives as part of an attraction, retention or expansion strategies. Whitley EDC believes incentives should be custom for each business who wants to move and grow in the county to meet the needs of the client.

Whitley County Incentives

  • Tax Abatement - Reduction or exemption from taxes for a specified amount of time dependant on total dollar amount of project investment and number of jobs created and retained.
  • Employee Training Grants - Grants given to companies who will upskill their current workforce and train new employees, often in lieu of a tax abatement.
  • Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Districts - Allow the property taxes derived from a new project in the district to be used to finance public infrastructure or other project related costs.
    • Whitley County has one of the largest TIF districts in the state and hosts a TIF in each community.
  • Income Tax (CEDIT) - Dollars used to encourage job creating economic development projects. The Whitley EDC lnvestment Board reviews requests and makes recommendations to the County Commissioners on how to utilize funds.
  • Revolving Loan Fund Program (RLF) - The Whitley EDC has a low-interest revolving loan program that individuals, start­ up and existing businesses can apply.
  • Environmental Study Grants - Grants can be awarded for environmental studies to businesses interested in restoring a building or constructing a new facility.
  • Facade Grant Program - Grants awarded to stimulate efforts to improve the street appearance of communities.

Whitley EDC partners with the State of Indiana and USDA to bundle incentives. Call our office at 260-244-5506 to begin your project!