Something old, something new—it is all the same at Sew What LLC in Churubusco. Sew What is an upholstery and canvas shop in Churubusco that recently moved to the main street but it isn’t new to town.


Sew What was a business idea that single-mom and business owner Angela Enright started at her home in 2009.


“The business began a long time ago, but I took the full-time business ownership idea in 2009,” Enright said. “When I think about the business in my home and on the kitchen table it makes me laugh. I’m thankful to be here in town, on the main street now, in a building I own.”


Enright began sewing commercially when she needed a job and a factory needed someone who could sew and had learned the skill from her grandma.


“My grandma sewed and we couldn’t wait for Christmas each year,” Enright said. “My favorite present was whatever grandma made.”


Enright used her childhood skills to make a professional career. She then sewed commercially and even landed a career at Whitley County’s local business, Sailrite, where she made sails and then began making their how-to videos.


When the business became Enright’s full-time job and her business grew, she moved into Churubusco’s downtown into a rented space.


Sew What is known nationally and has landed some big clients and currently does upholstery work for Notre Dame Football, Harley Davidson-Fort Wayne, John Deere, Three Rivers Federal Credit Union, and several others.


“I’ve been fortunate enough to do a lot of different work for several industries and ship my products all over the country including the U.S. Virgin Islands. My local connections are some of my favorites though. I’ve done work for the local EMS and even fix fabric pieces in old machines in local manufacturing shops,” Enright said. “There’s always something going.”


Angela’s help comes from her sons who do the wood refinishing and help tear down pieces so she can consistently work on upholstery.


“I don’t know what I would do without the help of my sons,” Enright said. “They’re such a big help and help things run a lot quicker.


“My one son focuses on tearing down automotive pieces and my other one, a senior at Churubusco, helps tear down furniture and does a lot of the refinishing work, like sanding and staining the wood pieces.”


While Sew What may be owned by Angela Enright, her sons and her daughter are a big part of the business.


“You could consider Sew What a family business,” Enright said. “We spend a lot of time here together. My daughter is only six but can run all these machines and sews really well, too. I’m hoping to pass the business down to the kids if they’re interested.”


Sew What advertises upholstery work for home, automotive, marine, patio and commercial but can do it all.


“There is never a project I’m not willing to look at,” Enright said. “People come from all over the country and will drive for days just to bring me their piece.”


Sew What is even the only company in Indiana authorized to use sewable fiber optics in the seams of automobile seats.


“A gentleman approached me about putting lights in the seams of his seats, so we did it,” Enright said. “It was a fun project and it’s been a request since I received the authorization.”


Currently, Enright is telling her clients they will have an 18 week turn-around time.


“It’s a long wait for the work I do, but the quality and the care are like nothing else,” Enright said. “I value honesty and relationships with people. We’re a company with morals.”


Sew What can be found on Facebook by searching Sew What LLC, and the door is always open at Sew What’s new location,125 N. Main Street, during business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Evening and weekend appointments are available.


Sew What has evolved during the last 20 years but Enright’s dedication to quality work and quality care of her customers hasn’t. The Whitley County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is proud to have helped Angela receive a revolving loan fund to help make her dreams of owning a space reality. If you’re a small business owner and want to know more about what options are available to you, call the EDC office at 260.244.5506.