A Tri-Lakes local found time in the chaos to gain his retail certificate and launch his website for custom fishing rods.


Joe Crance, owner of Battle Axe Custom Rods, is a Whitley County native who turned his hobby into an official business during the slow time brought on by COVID-19.


His hobby began in December 2017, when Crance ordered a rod kit to create a custom piece.


“Once I made my first one, I knew it was something I was capable of. I wanted to make the paperwork [for the business] legit for 2020,” Crance said. “When things slowed down at my current employer, time kind of landed in my lap.”


Battle Axe Custom Rods creates fishing rods for any open water fishing including bass fishing, walleye fishing and more through complete custom kits or their signature line with three different specs.


As a life-long fisherman, Crance grew up on Little Cedar Lake and often fished with his uncle who lived on Big Cedar Lake.


“My uncle would always ask me if I had my battle axes ready, referring to my fishing rods,” Crance said. “He passed away and my business name is kind of a tribute to him.”


Battle Axe even has some sponsored anglers for this season’s fishing tournaments and hopes business will continue to grow.


Battle Axe is ready to prepare custom fishing rods for you or someone special for Father’s Day even. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook and visit them online at to view their work and start your custom rod.